Classified Employees Gain Outside Support

The Ohio University Classified Employee Union organizing campaign is generating a ton of outside support. Letters of support have been written and delivered to President Nellis from the list of Representatives below, all asking for Nellis to grant voluntary recognition for the formation of a Union for Classified Employees.

  1. Lisa Eliason- Athens City Law Director
  2. Sarah H Grace- City of Athens Council Member
  3. Steve Patterson- Mayor of Athens
  4. Chris Chmiel- Athens County Commissioner
  5. Ric Wasserman- Athens County Treasurer
  6. Charlie Adkins- Athens County Commissioner
  7. Katrina Keith- Mayor of Ironton
  8. Rob Dorans- Columbus City Council Member
  9. Sherrod Brown- United States Senator
  10. Lenny Eliason- Athens County Commissioner
  11. Peter Kotses- Athens City Council Member At-Large
  12. Timothy W Burga- President, Ohio AFL-CIO
  13. Loren D Lybarger- President, Ohio University AAUP
  14. Jay Edwards- Majority Whip of the Ohio House
  15. Kathy Hetch- Athens City Auditor

Additonally,  AFSCME International President and Ohio University alum Lee Saunders at the AFSCME Ohio Council 8 State Convention in October stated his support for Classified Employees- "Nothing would make me happier than going down and helping the workers of my alma mater rise up and get the seat at the table that they deserve! Once it gets closer to a vote, I will go down to Athens and help make sure this happens."