Coverage in The Athens News on Bonus & Pay Raise for President Nellis

On June 21, 2019, The Athens News released the article, Trustees grant OU president $72K bonus, $7K raise. In the article, written by Connor Morris, Associate Editor of The Athens News, it notes, "In total, Nellis' base yearly salary will now be roughly $489,000. Nellis – who was hired in June 2017 – also was granted a $71,000 bonus last year and a similar raise last year by the Trustees." and that, "Nellis' wife also was granted an approximate $500 raise, raising her salary to roughly $36,000 a year." These pay raises and bonuses hit while at the same time, "ongoing budget difficulties" occur at the university. 

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Trustees grant OU president $72K bonus, $7K raise
Written by Connor Morris, Associate Editor