Updates on Planning Meetings

On October 14, 2020, elected officers, trustees, Melanie Quolke, and John Johnson met via Zoom for our first planning meeting.
  • During that meeting meeting President Jakuszeit informed the group that he created a Slack account for union members to share documents, DMs, and make calls.  
  • The Union local number is likely to be Local 3200, but we are still waiting on confirmation. Initially, we thought we could select our own number, but in reality, there were only a handful of numbers to choose from.
  • Recording Secretary Barton, Trustee Sheets, Executive Board Member Bump volunteered to work on the local’s constitution, and it was reviewed during the meeting. There are few pieces of information still to include in the constitution, then the union membership can review and vote to ratify it in future membership meetings.
  • After the original bargaining survey was reviewed to identify areas of importance to membership, President Jakuszeit created a Survey Committee to work on creating a new survey, with questions more specific to the membership. Executive Board Member McCoy, Melanie Quolke, Vice President Gieseking, Secretary-Treasurer Loper, President Jakuszeit, Trustee Gilbraith and Executive Board Member McCollum are on the committee. Quolke, after much time reviewing many contracts from other higher education institutions, presented categories for the new survey, such as pay, benefits, operations, shared governance, and union activity.  The Survey Committee will meet to continue work on the survey and is planning to the survey to the membership before the first local meeting
  • A Meet and Greet with membership was planned to update the membership on the planning and work being done as we head toward creating a contract.
On October 21, 2020, elected officers, trustees, and John Johnson met via Zoom.
  • President Jakuszeit created a new Survey-Engagement Slack channel “Union Survey Draft 2,”and asked everyone to review and submit their ideas and questions for the new bargaining survey in the channel.
  • The virtual Meet and Greet for union membership was scheduled via Zoom for Wednesday, October 28, 12pm – 1pm and 6pm – 7pm. President Jakuszeit will email all classified employees an invitation.
  • Several committees need to be formed with members appointed by the president. We need to form a membership committee to handle questions and new membership, a Good and Welfare (community action) committee, a Grievance committee, and an Orientation committee were discussed. President Jakuszeit asked Vice President Gieseking, Secretary-Treasurer Tammy Loper, Vicki Dornbush, Executive Board Member McCullum and Carol Davis to be on the “in-the-room” bargaining committee, along with himself. More discussion and decisions need to be made regarding committees.

On November 4, 2020, Jakuszeit, Bump, McCullum, Dornbush, Loper, Barton, Sheets, Gieseking, Carol Davis, and John Johnson met via Zoom.
  • During that meeting the group edited the Bargaining Survey  shared by the committee.
  • Trustee Sheets will look at putting the survey in Survey Monkey, and Secretary-Treasurer Loper offered to help.
  • Secretary Barton will update and oondense membership spreadsheets received from the union organizers.
  • Regional Director Johnson would like to schedule a meet and greet with Mike Courtney.