Communication Committee

The Communication Committee will produce a traditional or electronic newsletter, ideally, on a monthly basis, create and maintain the union website and consider using social media such as Facebook to communicate to and with members, and produce leaflets, flyers and fact sheets on "hot" issues and problems affecting the members, as needed.

The next Communication Committee meeting is scheduled for

This committee needs more members, especially those skilled or interested in website design, newsletter creation, and publication design. Experience is not necessary, but helpful. Please email David Poole, Union President at [email protected] with your name, email, and committee name. if you are interested in joining this committee!

Members of the Communication Committee

  • Carol Davis, Records Management Specialist, Undergraduate Admissions, Southern Campus, Union Executive Board 
  • Ruth McCall-King, Accounting Support Senior Specialist General Accounting, Athens Campus, Union Secretary Treasurer
  • Sandy Gekosky, Library Support Associate, Library Annex, Athens Campus
  • Joseph Walden, Library Suppport Specialist - Alden Public Services Student Employee Coordinator, Library, Athens Campus
  • David Poole, Mobile Health Unit Driver/Fleet Coordinator, COM-Community Health Program, Athens Campus, Union President