Upcoming Events

Election Polling Period
Your polling period will be July 14th - July 28th and the votes will be counted on August 5th in Columbus at the State Employment Relations Board. If you recieve your ballot before the 14th, you are allowed to send it in early, but it must be postmarked by the 28th. We will announce the result of the election on August 5th.

Zoom Membership Meeting
If you have questions about how voting works, how this impacts everything going on at OU, or any other questions, please join us on a zoom each Wednesday at 12PM. You may go to our Facebook page to get the information to join the meeting, or contact Corissa at (614) 787-2556. 

Committee Planning Meeting
Every other Thursday at 6:00PM, phone call or Zoom. These meetings are for card signing, unionization supporting Classified Employees who want to help move this process forward for themselves and their coworkers. If you would like to join the conversation by phone or by video conference (Zoom) please call or text your AFSCME Organizer, Corissa at (614) 787-2556 for information.