Union Committees

Local 3200 has created committees to begin the work of the union.  Please consider joining one or more of the committees and become involved in your union.

Bargaining Committee - meets with the university bargaining committee to negotiate the union's contract for membership. 

If you would like to be a member of any of the following committees, please email [email protected].

  • Communication Committee - updates the union website, produces an electronic newsletter, monitors and updates social media accounts, produces traditional and digital information.

  • Community Action Committee - continues the work of Classified Senate, promotes public services, participates in local activities, builds coalitions with the community to develop support for the union.
  • Election Committee - provides notice of elections, conducts nominations and prepares ballots for elections, reports election results to members. Members of this committee cannot run for an officer position.
  • Membership Committee - communicates with and mobilized members, recruits members, schedules training programs, creates orientation materials for new members
  • Stewards Committee - increases understanding of the contract, discusses current and potential grievances, provides ongoing education for all stewards. Stewards are appointed by the president and approved by the Executive Board.