contract writing

Great news! Article writing for Local 3200's first union contract has commenced!

contract writing

Great news! Article writing for Local 3200's first union contract has commenced!

On October 14, 2020, elected officers, trustees, Melanie Quolke, and John Johnson met via Zoom for our first planning meeting.
  • During that meeting meeting President Jakuszeit informed the group that he created a Slack account for union members to share documents, DMs, and make calls.  
  • The Union local number is likely to be Local 3200, but we are still waiting on confirmation.
On Wednesday, September 30th at 3PM at the AFSCME Plains Office the tallying of votes occurred for your Trustee runoff election.
The official vote count for the Ohio University Classified Staff Union Officers occured on Monday, September 21st at 3PM at the AFSCME Plains Office.

On Thursday, August 27th, Ohio University Classified Employees came together via Zoom for their first Membership Meeting. At this meeting nominations were made for the Union Officer positions of President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Secretary Treasurer, Executive Board, and Trustees. 

President - Melanie Quolke, Jacob Jakuszeit 

Vice President - Michael Bump, Janice Gieseking

Recording Secretary - Marilyn Maher, Shelley Barton

Secretary Tresurer - Tammy Loper, Lori Collins, Staci Gambill

A blog published by AFSCME Internation - 

Staff at Ohio University have overwhelmingly voted to form a union in an election that has been many years in the making.

The new local, which will be part of AFSCME Ohio Council 8, is comprised of administrative, technical and clerical staff in a wide array of roles such as library support, information technology, and many more. The new union is the second AFSCME local at Ohio University, along with the skilled trades, culinary and maintenance Local 1699.

By a landslide vote, more than 450 full-time and part-time clerical and technical classified employees at Ohio University overwhelming said AFSCME Yes and won union representation after more than a year-long organizing effort.