On Thursday, February 13th, representatives from the Classified Employees, 1699 Facility Union Members, Faculty and Students delivered a box of over 400 Valentines Day cards to the office of President Nellis. The cards urged Nellis to, "Have A Heart" and support the needs of his employees.

Dominic Detwiler, a senior at Ohio University writes in a letter to The Athens Messenger for, "President Dr. Duane Nellis and Ohio University voluntarily recognize their (classified employees) union." He shared how union membership made a difference for his family, and how he would likely not be where he was today without it. He additionally added the known importance of Classified Employees and urged Nellis to, "show classified staff the appreciation and indebtedness that we all feel for them by officially recognizing their union". 

Follow the link below to go to The Post article, written by Grant Ritchey, about the Student Senate bill that passed earlier this week urging voluntary recogntion of Ohio University Classified Employees.

Student Senate Passes Bill Supporting Classified Employees Union

On Wednesday evening, during an Ohio University Student Senate General Body Meeting, a bill was introduced to, "urge Ohio University to voluntarily recognize the unionization of Classified Staff". In their opening statements, the sponsor and cosponsor shared why it was important and why they wanted to introduce the bill. The sponsor, Eliza Ivan, talked about the relationships she's built with Classified Employees, and how they've made her life easier as a student.

Check out our Febraury Newsletter! Moving forward we will be releasing at least one Newsletter per month to ensure that all Classified Employees are staying up to date with that's happening in their Union campaign. If you have any ideas of what should be included in our next letter, or would like to make a contribution to its content in the form of a letter to the editor, reach out to your AFSCME Organizer, Corissa Spence at (614) 787-2556 or at [email protected]

On Wednesday, December 18, 2019 a group of classified workers delivered a letter to President Nellis’s office requesting that he voluntarily recognize a new bargaining unit and Union for Classified Employees. The letter was signed by Classified workers from across the University and now we wait for President Nellis’s response.

On Thursday, October 24th, The Post released a salary guide for all Ohio University employees. In the article The Post notes, "Students, alumni and others within the Athens community have the right to know this information, and The Post will continue to hold Ohio University accountable with our salary guide."

In a letter to the editor in the Athens News on Wednesday, October 16th, Serena McCollum, a Classified Employee at Ohio University writes, "I have worked at OU for 27 years, and this is not an issue of being unhappy or any other labels that some may want to place on you. This has been about giving classified staff a collective voice and a say about their future." She goes on to say, "If you are a classified employee and want your voice heard, please support this effort not only for yourself but for all of your fellow co-workers."