Election Committee

The Election Committee is responsible for conducting office nominations, providing notice of elections, preparing election ballots, supervising voting, then counting ballots, certifying results, and reporting results to the members. They will also hold hearings for any protests filed over the conduct of the election and make the final decisions of those hearings.

Members cannot run for office while on the Election Committee.

The next Election Committee meeting is TBD

This committee is looking for members to help with new officer elections that will be held this summer. Please email AFSCME3200@gmail.com if you would like to join this committee.

Members of the Election Committee

  • Jessica Barton, Records Management Specialist, CAS Service Center, Athens Campus
  • Kerry Kottyan, Records Management Specialist, University Registrar, Athens Campus
  • Cheri Sheets, Administrative Specialist, College of Arts & Sciences, Union Trustee, Athens Campus

Please contact David Poole, Union President at [email protected] with your name, email, and committee name if you are interested in joining this very important committee.