Hundreds Participate in Anti Right to Work Protest on Ohio University College Green

On Monday, September 16, 2019, 200 protesters circled Galbreath Chapel on Ohio University's College Green in anticipation of the arrival of William Messenger, staff attorney at the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. Protest attendees includes Ohio University students, Athens community members, and local Union members. Dominic Detwiler, a senior at OU was the main organizer of the protest and was quoted in The Post saying that Messengers, "ideology doesn’t follow anything that anyone in this community really stands for". While hundreds protested the event, less than 20 actually attended- a majority of which being students who were there, as one group said as they headed inside, "just going for extra credit for a class". 

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The Post and check out the article Protestors Stand Against 'Right To Work' Foundation and Laws written by Abby Miller.