Published in The Athens Messenger on July 21, 2020, Classified Employee Ann Windor Green writes:

My name is Ann Green. I was a 21 year Classified Employee at Ohio University, within the College of Communication, until my job was most recently abolished. With this letter my aim is impress upon my former (my heart still says current) fellow Classified Employees and to our community as a whole of the utmost importance to realize what is happening at Ohio University right now.

Published in the Athens Messenger on July 6, 2020, Classified Employee Melanie Quolke writes:

In an article from WOUB Public Media written by Michelle Rotuno-Johnson

Serena McCollum, who works in the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, said she is worried about how these job losses will affect people who call Athens County home. 

In an article, publish on March 30th, 2020, AFSCME Council 8 shares the great work some of their members are doing in the Athens area to help their students through this health crisis. “Our members are working to making sure our students are being well fed and will continue to be well educated with on-line learning,” said union president Monna French. Read the full blog post here.

On Friday, February 28th, President Nellis notified all staff through email about, "Positioning the University for a positive and stronger future". In the email Nellis said, “We can and we must find savings in non-employee expenses, and we are enacting spending controls on external costs, such as consulting contracts - However, the majority of our operational costs, like most universities, are in our employees, and we will not be able to achieve reductions of this magnitude without reducing positions in most if not all colleges and administrative divisions.”

On Thursday, February 13th, representatives from the Classified Employees, 1699 Facility Union Members, Faculty and Students delivered a box of over 400 Valentines Day cards to the office of President Nellis. The cards urged Nellis to, "Have A Heart" and support the needs of his employees.

Dominic Detwiler, a senior at Ohio University writes in a letter to The Athens Messenger for, "President Dr. Duane Nellis and Ohio University voluntarily recognize their (classified employees) union." He shared how union membership made a difference for his family, and how he would likely not be where he was today without it. He additionally added the known importance of Classified Employees and urged Nellis to, "show classified staff the appreciation and indebtedness that we all feel for them by officially recognizing their union". 

Follow the link below to go to The Post article, written by Grant Ritchey, about the Student Senate bill that passed earlier this week urging voluntary recogntion of Ohio University Classified Employees.

Student Senate Passes Bill Supporting Classified Employees Union